So here's the short and sweet. I've got available to me a Fender Performer 1000 (1x12" Speaker, 100W tube/ss combo amp) for $175 (after tax). The amp sounds pretty good and is physically in pretty good condition. There are a few interesting little quirks it has though.

- After turning it on you have to seem to let it 'warm up' before playing on any of the OD channels. The clean channel works straight away.

- When turning it off I'm somtimes greeted with a loud pop. Doesn't sound healthy.

Other than that it performs quite well. I'm about to go grab one of my guitars and my Digitech RP250 to give it a proper work out and I was just wondering about the severity of the aforementioned problems.

Thanks for any insight.
The first is the tubes warming up. The latter is probably cause your volume is high when you turn it on or just normal cause. Mine does it.