While I have been enjoying my 2 day sick break...I haven't played guitar until late today. And when I started, I had somewhat of a huge burst of creativity and...I dunno, more all around awesomeness when I played. Does this happen to anyone else?
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Sometimes, but mostly when I don't get to play for a day or two I'm noticeably worse off. Sometimes like you said though there is an intense burst of creativity.
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I take a day break once a week and when I pick up the guitar after that day is over it's easier for me to play and I feel more relaxed for some reason.
one time i got sick and played guitar to take my mind off how ****ty i was feeling and i was really good for some reason. It was a new skill level i suddenly reached it was weird.
I hate being sick. I didnt have one sick day last year. Great your home INCAPACITATED, get back to school? Sup work. Sup missed quizes.
sorta. yesterday when i picked up my guitar (after not playing for 2 days) it felt weirder than normal but i then i could do pinch harmonics easier so i have no idea what happened. It also felt more conferable to just sit with it and play but different. but no huge burst of creativity
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Maybe you guys just gotten really uptight with your playing and the short breaks you took really helped to loosen you up and put you back in check with your music? Just a theory.
i get uberly creative after a nice break ALL the time
too bad i never get breaks lmao
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