Its a 1985 1x12 4210 type, and all Marshall's I've seen have the black and red switch for power and standby, right? Well mine has metal switches that sick out and a red light between the master knobs and the 2 standby/power switches.

I'd upload a picture but it says mine is too big and I dunno how to convert to 500x500.

So is this just a modded amp or what? It sounds like it should as far as I know, I just noticed that the switches are different.
it's most likely a Canadian model. They had slightly different circuits and more fuses in order to meet the Canadian safety standards. For all intents and purposes, it's the same amp though despite some ebay sellers that, for some reason, hype the SUPER RADICALZ TOGGLE SWITCHEZ!!!1.

Personally I like the "Standard" models better but Canada just had to be difficult.....
....ironically most vintage amps would NEVER be able to be made today due to much more restrictive regulations on electronics, which IMO are rediculous for the most part.

Here is what happens when a Canadian makes sweet love to an American (or someone in the UK)
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perhaps photo bucket could help

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...for the gigs im going to be playing its going to be 60% tone and 40% stage look, and I'd like the look of my rig to be able to back up its sound.

thanks man, it must be canadian cept the previous owner way back when took out that 1 black switch and replaced another toggle switch (which now explains why that toggle siwtch is diff from the power).

Aha! And photobucket for future referenece
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yeah, the head part of the combo looks exactly like the one in the pic cept the black button is another toggle.