Hi. mm... i'm not sure of how to say this but... em... i'm looking for music i like but which i don't know yet...
I like guns n roses... and i've recently heard this song of gilby clarke, cure me or kill me, and i just love it. can you tell me a few songs similar to this one?
listen to some audioslave, they're pretty decent if you like hard rock, i know i do, 10 years has some good stuff like 'through the iris' or 'the autumn effect' or 'waking up' but other than that they're pretty much repetetive and nothin special...you could try chevelle, they're pretty good i guess...then there's always classic rock like led zeppelin, you should definetly give him a hit, scary kids scaring kids is actually not that bad, they used to suck but their new album is pretty dece, it's self titled, and if you dont mind a bit of screaming then they're good...then there's always metallica, you could try three doors down, they're dece...and trapt's new album is good too, their old stuff isnt that good though, there's some good songs like 'headstrong' or 'hollowman' or 'stand up' or 'lost realist' or 'waiting' and of course a band that's absolutely amazing and steals the top spot on my favorite band's list is velvet revolver...out of all those i defenitly recommend velvet revolver and audioslave, oh ya, and i forgot, look up some system of a down, and try some serj tankian (he was system of a downs singer/rhythm guitarist