Hey pit, i was just browsing itunes for new music and im kind of having a hard time finding it. Im into bands like All that remains, atreyu, trivium, a7x, devildriver, machine head, black label, stuff like that.

So, anyone know of some good bands i havent heard of that i might like?
Why not try some real metal.
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Hopefully you're not talking about new atreyu.
get suicide notes and butterfly kisses.
their best album.
i would like to vote for some Liferuiner.
Killswitch Engage? I would think that you've already heard them, but they weren't in your list.
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coheed and cambria?

yes, i know them, great music, i cant find bands ive never heard of that are good, and yes ive heard strapping young lad, 30 seconds of my life wasted
Lamb of God, Ashes of the Wake.

Bull**** people dont call them "real" metal... **** that they kick asS

edit: ashes of the wake as in the album name
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yeah, +plus one on dillinger too. Me and their old bassist, Jeff Wood, used to hang out some, i saw him recently at his band, Shat, in Granbury. Check Shat too! good songs by Shat: Vagetarian, all of the **** Chronicles. and there is quite a few good ones on ****ree.