i think my telecaster selector switch is broken, whenever i try to set it to middle and neck it only has middle, and bridge sounds too bassy when selected, is that my problem? has anyone else had it b4?
That question is all kinds of nonsense.. so..

1. What model Telecaster do you own?

2. What is the pickup configuration?

3. How many positions does your switch have?

If you answer those questions, people will be able to help you!
Okay well I'm just gonna guess the switch is broken or there is a loose wire somewhere. The bridge (back position) should be really trebley and twangy, the middle should have both pickup on and the neck (forward position) should be more bassy and smooth.

Open up the control cavity by undoing the 2 screws on the end of the plate and check if there are any loose wires or bad connections anywhere.

If there isn't any than maybe just the switch is broken. If you can, just take it to a guitar shop and get them to look at it and they'll tell you what's wrong pretty easily.