All right, in about 3 months, I have my first gig at this local coffee shop. It will just be me and my singer, who is a girl (she is really good though). It has pretty much no time limit, and there won't be very many people. The owner said it has to be kind of background music though, which sucks, but here are some of our thoughts of songs.

Ones we are sure we will do:
Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana
Sunshine of Your Love- Cream
One(up untill the fast part)- Metallica

Ones we might do:
Everlong- Foo Fighters
Lazy Eye- Silversun Pickups

Thats about it so far.... if you guys have any more recomendations that would be great, remember I have only been playing for about 3 months. Thanks.

Yeah, I forgot to mention, I don't even have an accoustic, I'll be playing on and Ibanez Gio.
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I dunno...John butler trio stuff?

Uh...Shevanel take 2 is a real good acoustic song to me.
Uuuhh....Rain by BB? I don't really know all that many acoustic songs, sadly. Ha
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dude dont play one if ur not gonna play the thrash part, thats silly. if ur playing at a REGULAR coffee shop with REGULAR people who listen to COMMERCIAL radio, learn some nice commercial songs for BACKGROUND music. foo fighters, matchbox 20, john butlter, y'know nice soft stuff. dont play classic metal tracks from the 80's lol. save that for the bar.

but personally i'd enjoy every minute of it if i was there
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maybe you should think about some mellower music. maybe a few clapton hits, john mayer. i think jack johnson would be cool. However it sounds like you have more of a heavier style. It's a Coffee shop and as much as i love nirvana, thats a little too loud for background music, and if Nirvana stood for anything they would be up front and center. Kurt Cobain would not approve.
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hey i just re-read your post and saw you've only been playing 3 months...


i still dont think you should play one...how about nothing else matters?
you could just play the chords to make it easier on yourself, it takes a while to remember all the licks.

more suggestions... (these are easy songs to play)

unwell - matchbox 20
time after time - so many versions but originally done by cindi lauper (unsure of spelling her name)
behind blue eyes - the who (NOT THE LIMP BIZKIT ****HEAP)
time of your life(good ridance) - green day
wake me up when september ends - green day
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BigTimmy maybe you should re-read that post again lol. he said he will be playing the gig in three months, not he has been playing for three months.

i suggest maybe Foo Fighters - My Hero (acoustic version as played at the Skin and Bones Concert)

and also some Goo Goo Dolls
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That's cool that you're playing Sunshine of Your Love. Like somebody said earlier, if it's with people that listen to mainstream radio, and is supposed to be acoustic/background music, how about "You're Body is a Wonderland", by John Mayer?
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Yeah, I have been playing for 3 months, and I can already play one, up untill the second solo at least. Right now I'm working on the solo to Sunshine of your Love though.