All right guys, i have a few little tips. i'm not sure wether or not you'll find them helpful, but i think they're kinda necessary.

first of all, you want to make sure that your stanzas have a good syllable scheme. trust me, if you have one like that's five syllables, and then another thats like 30 it's gonna be the stupidest sounding song you can hear. Like a friend of mine who keeps going on about how great of a songwriter he is actually write pretty much the worst lyrics i've ever read, though he had one that was not bad, though i tweaked it a lot. he would write things like " The Apocalypse is here/ apocalyptic abomination bloodily ripping of the metaphorical invisible ear" know what i mean?

anyway, Seconly, you have to understand, THE LYRICS DO NOT HAVE TO RHYME! If you try to make everything rhyme, you'll end up just throwing words out there just because they rhyme and it'll end up looking like someone puked up alphagettis on the paper. Rhyming is great, and it helps the songs a lot, but only put the rhyming words in if they fit and keeps the song going.

Okay, so many people like to listen to music when they write. that's a seriously bad idea. unless of course you like unconciously stealing lyrics. if you listen to music then what you're writing is almost surely going to end up sounding a lot like what you were writing, like my friend that i was talking about up there. I turned him onto lamb of god and he started listening to them constantly and everything he wrote sounded like a horibly written lamb of god song. so if you're thriving towards originality, don't listen to anything before or during the writing process.

Well that's all i really want to write right now, I have some more stuff but i might look fancier if i leave this looking just like a 3 point essay :P so yeah leave me a comment if this helped you or not whatever, have fun.

I strongly agree with all of those things. Well said.

Also some tips from me: The best and most interesting lyrics are always ones that use different phrases or words than what is commonly spoken. Also do not use repitive "I" or "you" statements such as "I love you" or "You hate me." These are cliche and only ruin the song's substance.