Hello, i was wondering if i could potentially use the noise gate on gearbox as a noise gate for my 5150. I decided to ask before i blew anything up. My theoretical set up would go like this:

guitar-->amp-->effects loop output--> "X" input on toneport UX2-->noise gate on gearbox-->"X" output on toneport-->effects loop input

I'm not quite sure what inputs to use on my toneport. I was thinking of using the headphones output and the line input or the instrument input. I think the effects send and stuff is all at line level right? because it's before the power amp?

Any of you gear gurus' help is appreciated
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I use the Tornport UX1 and the noise gate on it is usuable the way you are speaking of, but with that said it is not a very good one, it does the job though.