I decided to make this thread because 1) it's Skip Spence's solo album, not his work with Moby Grape (which has a thread that is sort of dead) and 1) the thread about Syd Barrett and Skip Spence has not been posted in since May 2007, so reviving something that old would be frowned upon, I assume.


Skip Spence's Oar. Anyone ever heard it/ of it? I personally think it's an amazing album. The tone of the album really conveys Spence's almost other-worldly state of being (he had just left Bellevue [a pretty famous mental hospital here in NY] and immediately rode down to Nashville on a motorcycle to record the album). It sounds very personal and for me, it's one of the most emotional albums I've ever heard, even if that emotion can only be described as vacant and confused. Songs like "Cripple Creek" (not to be confused with The Band's "Cripple Creek") and "Diana" are my favorites because of that intimate and also eerie feeling.

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