Hey does anyone know anything about the behringer VD400 analog delay... very low price for a delay, same for the digital version. Response on any of the behringers would be appreciated.
I may try out one of their fuzz/Distortions.
Or, I may try their spectrum enhancer (knockoff of BBE sonic maximizer?).
Generally though, I hear they suck.
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Behringers sound pretty good for their price (considering they are reverse engineered/directly copied from their boss/ibanez/sansamp etc. counterparts) but have a tendency to break after a year or so. Consider them a good investment to see if you'd find the pedal useful but they are pretty much disposables.

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Pretty low Quality, but they are very inexpensive. try it, and if you like the effect you can always upgrade to something even better down the road, and if u dont find it useful well its not much money down the drain.
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any other opinions?

A good friend of mine had an overdrive pedal which for the money (I think it was $32) sounded ok. It was made of plastic and looked like it would be ok for a home setup, but I'm not really sure it would hold up for gigging.
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They suck.I know because I own one.

But maybe only the hellbabe sucks.Try it before you buy.
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no to be honest they're ok...

i mean sure - they lack depth and...sound

but for $50 (which is what i paid for my UM100 in australia) they are ok

i hav been told however that the hellbabe sucks majorly - they stopped making it now in australia...plus the factory burnt down...whoever lit it did their homework lol
great value, as xifr said they'd be good to use just to experiment with for awhile.
but the only way to make something that cheap is to use the cheapest components and manufacturing processes available. part of that is using components such as resistors that have poor tolerences, this means that any single part could have an actual value that is very different to what it says on the lable, so theoretically, any 2 behringer pedals from the exact same batch could sound very different from each other.
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no to be honest they're ok...

i mean sure - they lack depth and...sound

well, i guess that's a matter of opinion. they're identical to the boss pedals. and i happen to like that sorta thing.
Well they're about 1/5 the price of everything else, so they're not that bad for the price.
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i have a friend that owns the digital delay...it's good for the price (30 euro) but it's still a cheap pedal. it's not bad to get a general idea of how to use a delay pedal, i sometimes use it to practice...it can make a good amount of sounds and it also has the hold feature that lets u record a few seconds...it's fun to use when u play alone
You guys have to remember, there was a cheap pedal made back in the early 80's called the Ibanez Tube Screamer. Yes the same pedal SRV used and now the reissue sells for $170 or so. So just because its cheap doesn't mean its bad. I saw this video a few months ago and thought it was good. Sounds much better then most pedals I've heard. If I ever find it I'd buy it.
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so most people say that they suck...i think that you all should say what music did you play. i know they suck for metal but some people said they have nice classic sound- i'm talking about Behringer Hellbabe wha....
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They suck.I know because I own one.

But maybe only the hellbabe sucks.Try it before you buy.

+1 i have it. It just overlays your sound with a fake wah sound.
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I bought a Behringer Tube Overdrive for the heck of it.

It adds a nice subtle warmth, but the power LED wasn't working out of the box. So I have no idea whether it's bypassed or not unless I listen carefully. Still, not bad for €10.
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