Still trying to decide on a practice amp and if I should take back my MG15DFX - I already know what 99% of you will say about that.

For playing 80's metal primarily with some clean flexibility for songs for my kids, do you think the XL version of this Vox is too limiting? Saw the demos and I liked them. I know those were the pre-sets, but on some of the lower gain amps, does anyone know if it is possible to dial back the gain some in manual mode to make it less metal. I know its a metal amp, but would like some flexibility. Was tempted to get the normal AD15VT, but a lot of people seemed to imply that it didn't have enough gain for Maiden, Priest, Ozzy, Metallica, etc. If I'm wrong here, please correct me.

Lastly, do you think $250 is too much to spend on a practice amp for a relatively new player who will only play for fun at home and never in a band?

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The non-XL AD15 is fine for hi gain, it just takes tweaking and some EQ knoledge. I think you'd be fine with that.

So in each amp model (I think I'd mainly use 80's UK and UK modern), I'd hit something to turn off the pre-set and just turn up the overdrive....or something like that? So this is really capable of good, high gain, 80's heavy metal? I guess if I wanted something more, I could attach my digitech metal master pedal to it too in each amp model, right?
Good Lord, just go to the shop and try them out already. Get the one you like.
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Good Lord, just go to the shop and try them out already. Get the one you like.

that just pretty much nailed it....
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