A Sunburst w/maple neck,Sunburst w/rosewood neck,or arctic white w/maple neck?

Someone tell me how to make a poll please.
It's all personal preference. Just pick which color you'd like the best. For the fretboards it's the same. Personally I love sunburst but I like arctic white too so I can see why it's hard to decide.
fretboard isn't the same. but it might seem the same for beginners.

its definitely not the same afterall.

i like sunburst + maple neck. but i'm into maple necks, and i like sunburst too.
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sunburst with rosewood neck.

im a big fanboy of rosewood fretboard. I could never support those who use maple fretboards

oh and to make a poll you gotta edit your first post and include a poll in it (go farther down past the post thread button)
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Rosewood has a darker more rounded tone, Maple is really bright and poppy. Just choose which you want. Color, why are you asking us?
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arctic white.....ohhhh yea
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I don't like the standard bursts. They're laminated (because the body is so many pieces) and the cutaway is blacked out. That looks ugly to me. If you're going to get a burst the cheapest should be a HWY1 unless the MIM artist models are made differently (I'm not sure about them). But that's just my two cents. Arctic white looks great.

Rosewood vs. maple isn't the same but I don't think it matters much. There are so many more meaningful factors that makes a difference before the fretboard material that it's almost inconsequential. I think the biggest difference is feel IF you have smaller frets and a heavy touch. Once again, just my two cents.
burst with maple neck.. thats what im saving for this summer freeking awesome
If its not fender than whatever]
i said get the WHITE!!
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arctic white, white pickguard, with rosewood neck and all gold hardware with black pickups. that would look tits.