I'm stuck between a Frontman 212 100W and a Crate Palomino (of unbeknownst wattage)

I kinda like the distortion out of the Frontman (contrary to what UG says) and the "More Drive" channel. But I've heard that the Palomino's are really great amps that just need a distortion pedal.

I play a lot of modern and alt. rock and dabble in blues and metal. I have an Epi LP standard if it helps at all.

I've got $400 dollars. Suggest me a different amp or one of the two I've listed. If you pick the Palomino I ask that you give me the wattage and what distortion pedal I should get with it.

Thanks, UG

The Palomino kerblitzs the FM, and has sex with it's sister.

Seriously, play the Palomino, but I love mine. It has a suprings ammout of gain on it's own, but a metal muff on the clean chanel might be just as easy, for higher high gain tones.
palomino for sure
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