i dont know when killswitch became hardcore

they seem pretty metal to me

sayreville tommroow night whos goin!!
Fallen Into the Abyss of indignity, Doubt Does Not exist Or Dome Into Being Ignominious and Pale
poop fart tits ass balls ****
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you're asking UG for advice on what to do with your life? Prepare to have a career as a fluffer in the porn industry...
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poop fart tits ass balls ****

I see you have Tourettes Syndrome of the Post.
And you can't spell funeral
without fun
hope you had a good time
cuz now your life is done
ahahh don't make fun of Tourettes... my science teacher faked to have it by saying F*** at the end of each sentence and only me and 2 friends were in on it... every one actually thought he had it...

well yes I am seeing KSE in feb... tell me how it is..