Is the humbucker good for any grunge,thrash or alt metal?
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That really depends more on your amp.

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That really depends more on your amp.

kind of muddy. but has some good crunch. not so much tho
Ibanez RG350MDX
Line 6 Spider
Depends on which model. I know they put the SD Pearly Gates on some. But the rest of your rig is MUCH more important to producing your tone. If you put a squier telecaster in front of an SLO-100, you can make sweet metal sounds!
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No, the humbucker sucks. I have a hss and i swapped it with all emg active pickups. SA's up front and an emg 81 on the bridge. The range of tones is much wider than with the stock strat humbucker. You can still get the classic strat sound out of the mid/neck combo but when you flip it to bridge you get a really good high output rock sound, great for squealies too.
If you plan to use a HSS/HSH, i highly recommend changing the stock pickups.

If you get a HSS and want to use it primarily for the Humbucker, i recommend the Super Distortion 3, great for metal, has a really vintage sound and with the right amp, you can get a modern metal sound out of it. if you have a HSH, i recommend a PAF pro in the neck as well as the SD3, very smooth sounding pup that is amazing for legato soloing or lead playing in general.
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