whats are some good funny movies? other than the usual...like superbad, adam sandler movies, dumb funny ones like scary movie 3, etc...
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That David Spade movie Black Sheep is awesome.
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Super Troopers.

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drive thru is a really bad horror movie set in norcal
if you dont know what norcal is, you probably wouldnt enjoy the movie as much as me
and you should also be under some sort of influence when you watch it
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That David Spade movie Black Sheep is awesome.

not to mention that other one with chris farley:

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That David Spade movie Black Sheep is awesome.

ive never heard anybody describe that movie as david spades before.

ok idk about anyone else. but i laugh whenever i see purple rain. the chemistry is just hilarious
almost anything kevin smith... just stay the hell away from jersey girl. You kinda have to listen to the dialogue (I know, crazy concept for a comedy).

clerks I and II
jay and silent bob strike back
chasing amy

all good kevin smith
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EmeraldXecution, you are awesome.

Balls to the Walls
"A Hard Day's Night" was good.

You have to pay attention to Lennon most of the time though, he supplies the laughs. Harrison somewhat, to an extent is pretty good in his solo scene.

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Oh i just remembered another one. Horror movie called "Heebie Jeebies" or something. me and my friend watched it (well most of it) and we lauphed through almost all of it, it was SOOOOOO stupid. there were 3 inch tall stone statues throwing a washing machine at this one guy
If you want to avoid dumb humor, you're going to be limited in the suggestions that The Pit can offer, but here's what I got:

Office Space
The Princess Bride
Robin Hood: Men in Tights (admittedly this one has some dumb lowbrow moments, but it's moderate enough to be quite enjoyable)
The Three Amigos
The Shakiest Gun in the West
Shanghai Noon
The Blues Brothers (wr. Dan Ackroyd & John Landis, dir. Landis)
Spaceballs (wr/dir Mel Brooks)
Being John Malkovich (wr. Charlie Kaufman, dir Spike Jonze)
Network (if you like the darkest of dark humor) (wr. Paddy Chayefsky, dir. Sidney Lumet)
State and Main (wr/dir. David Mamet)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (wr. Cameron Crowe, dir. Amy Heckerling)
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