Well, I currently play an Ibanez RG-120...I know, sad. So I'm saving up my money for an SG. I don't know what it is about them, but I really like them.

I was eying the Gibson Faded SG Special (seen here ) I played it at Guitar Center and loved it. But of course, as lucky as I am, the bastards raised the price from $580 to $699. I know it's not much, but it's just all the longer until I'd be able to get it.

So, knowing that the counterpart to Gibson was Epiphone, I went over to that section. I also sorta liked the "Limited Edition" 1966 G-400 (seen here )

The difference, financially is 300 dollars, which is a lot in retrospect. However, the overall look of the Gibson is just more appealing to me (I like the not-so-glossy finish) and to be honest, the Gibson name just looks better : /

However, if performance isn't VERY different, I could be swayed either way, which is why I'm asking here. What I want mostly is a versatile sound that's going to allow me anywhere from classic rock to metal, and all the beauty in between.

In the end, I may end up going with another Ibanez, because they look really nice, but if it doesn't come to that, could I get some tips as to what I should choose between the two SGs? (Or link me to a nice Ibanez under 600 bucks )

Thanks in advance.
Ibanez Xiphos..

or dude dont decide on the epiphone or gibson based on which name looks better. Try to find the smallest flaws in the guitars.. then pick the guitar based on those flaws.
Epiphone G-400 FADED.

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the name doesnt really look better on the gibsons its just that since they are more known so it "looks" better to your eye...I would get an epi g-400 and then get a new amp if needed or some pedals with the 300 left over...
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Get the faded . I love mine so much I will never part wit it. It's just the fastest neck ever.