I was making noodles and cheese.

I put the noodles in the bowl with the cheese.

Somehow it fell off the bench... I went to catch it and the noodles and cheese spilled out onto my hands and on the floor.

Mind you, the noodles were boiling hot and the cheese melted onto my hands.

I burned my pinky and ring fingers on both hands. I'm really ****ing sad right now.

No guitar ... no band practice

They don't seem to be too badly burned, so hopefully this heals soon.

Anyone else unable to play guitar atm or experienced something similar?
burned the tips of my index, middle, and ring fingers of my fretting hand one time. Got bad blisters, couldn't play for about a week unless I wanted to be in complete agony.
i cut the end off my poiner finger once and couldnt play for days and i was like noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It wasn't a burn, but some weeks ago I accidentally slammed the tips of my right fingers in the receiving doors at my work. ..And these are huge, heavy, metal doors..
I've spilt boiling water all over my arms. I couldn't play drums or bass for weeks cause the skin became tight and hurt everytime I tried to play.

Luckily it was my right hand....I'm a leftie!
burnt my arm in the oven twice, in about a week...i never learn
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I broke my left wrist skateboarding, over 2 years ago man. I was f*ckin bummed forever (it took over 3 months to heal). I came back to guitar and actually think I play a lot better now.
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screwed up my wrist by falling off a wall 3 metres down onto it on concrete.

got better though
one time I woke up and my left wrist hurt terribly. And then it kept hurting so I bought a wrist brace and wore it for a week or so. Then it still hurt so I went to the Dr. and they x-rayed it and it wasn't broken so they gave me some pain pills that took away the pain and also gave me erectile dysfunction. It still hurt so I went to see the neurologist and he poked me with this thing that sent electric shocks through my ligaments and couldn't figure out what was wrong with my wrist so I wore the brace for a couple more weeks and then the pain went away.

And that's how I spent my summer vacation.
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i cut the tips (just the skin) of my fingers off once making a table or something like that in school, if you put duct tape on the burned parts that touch the string, that might work, or wear baseball gloves
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I can't play guitar atm because my mom is sleeping and she would shoot me if I started playing right now.
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I burned the tips of my fingers from touching a metal rod that was thrown in a bonfire. I didnt know it was in the fire so I was going to roll it over and got burned.

I didnt think it was bad until the blisters fell off after a week and I'm not sure how deep it was but if it was so much as exposed to air it hurt like hell. If anyones seen the pic of those two fingers with mouths in the mindf@#$ images thread then thats pretty much what they looked like.

Unfortunately it was my left hand so I tried playing guitar cuz I can hardly go a day without it and as soon as I touched the fret, I felt the worst pain I could ever imagine
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Touched the end of a welding rod I had just used....so it was around 400-500 degrees. Made a blister on the tip of my right index finger...and I'm a bassist....
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One time when I was working at KFC I was cleaning one of the deep fryers, and some of the hot oil splashed up and got on my hand. I yelled F\/CK incredibly loud, and it burnt my hand pretty good. My skin got kinda bubbly on one of my fingers, and the hair on the fingers that got burned was singed off. Good thing I could still play guitar unlike the TS. PHEW.
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