I was kinda thinking about going out and buying a G-DEC. I was just wandering if anyone out there had one, or if they just knew the point to the MIDI ports on it... I guess I want to know if it would be compatable with a program like garage band and you can actually send data out to another source by using like a M-AUDIO interface or something, or if it would be more like working with an old Roland that everything has to be done inside the machine itself. Anyway if anyone could make sense of what I'm trying to say that would be cool...

or actually even if somebody had an easy way to record guitar using MIDI without spending hundreds of dollars on an interface.
I have the G-DEC Junior. You can use any program with MIDI out to send MIDI data to the GDEC. The built in general MIDI synthesizer will play the file through the speaker. By adjusting the "Loop" volume, you can balance guitar and MIDI synth.
I use it with guitar pro, and an M-Audio interface, works pretty well.