Hey guys, i was thinking about picking up the harmonica to try to liven up the solo life lol. I was wondering if these 2 songs harmonica parts are hard. Because i would have to teach myself, and im just wondering if its even worth trying to teach myself the parts. Thanks for the help, and here are the youtube vids, once again i really apreciate it.


Harmonica starts at about 2 mins there lol


harmonica starts at 1 min


harmonica starts at about 45 secs

those are just 3 songs i really like with harmonica, there are more, but i figure those are the hardest lol.
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I can kind of play harmonica....what you posted there is easily reachable (I mean its not Blues Traveller)

its the playing guitar and playing harmonica thing that might be a bit troublesome (as I can just barely cope with the singing and playing thing)