hi,I am considering purchasing the artec eq and chromatic tuner in one pedal (to save board space)and was wondering where in the signal chain i would put this pedal,(i thought tuners always went first in the chain)Also where is the ideal place for eq,i have been told eq's can go anywhere depending on your own preferences.I have been looking on the web at other guitarists pedal boards and stumbled upon this http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1105/1385186323_487b1718af.jpg?v=0.And was wondering where i would find these types of patch cables,Anyone know any uk suppliers and what these types of patch leads are called?
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Those cables are pretty much standard patch cables.

try www.gak.co.uk or www.dolphinmusic.co.uk

Eq ideally goes towards the end of your rig (after distortion) for a more obvious tonal change, or before distortion for a subtle change.

Some people prefer EQ in their FX loops on their amps too, try all 3 when you get it and see what you like best.
ty for the info,i have a reverb last in my chain,can i put the eq/tuner just before this pedal then?,it would mean it would come after my delay,chorus dist etc,etc.how about the tuner being towards the end of the line will this have any effect to tuning as the signal will be weaker after going through all my first effects?I noticed most guitarists have their tuner first in line.