I'm looking to buy a Highway One Strat and they only real differences i can infer are the pickups, and the headstock. I don't like those big CBS headstocks, and I can get an old Highway One cheaper than the new ones. Are there any other major differences that make the news ones better? Thanks in advance guys.
or for the same price you can buy a jap which are better than the mex and highway one and nearly as good as the american ones!
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Once again...it's the NME, they're notorious for being dumbasses. I know that, and I live in Texas for Christ's sake!

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^Indeed, look for a Japanese Fender Strat if you want quality.
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I think the newer ones are shielded a little bit better. The post 2006 ones certainly have nitro finishes, jumbo frets, and the greasebucket tone thingy if you actually use your tone control (it rolls off the highs without adding bass). Used is usually the way to go for value though.