I used to have a stealthplug so I could use amplitube but whenever the software was on when the guitar was plugged in it would just screech very high pitched (not from the speakers, from like inside my laptop!) anyway, needless to say I sold the stealthplug. I was wondering if the toneport GX was the same type of interface as a stealthplug, thus would the same thing happen? I certainly dont want to experience that horrible computer crashing noise again!

Am i right in assuming that toneport is an external sound card (i have read that some use it as a main soundcard) - is stealthplug an external soundcard or just an interface for plugging guitars in? are you meant to disable your onboard soundcard when using either? I want to record but my fear of this noise is controlling me. will i get the same bad results from a toneport?

please ask any questions that might help you understand the stealthplug problem. Thanks
I've not heard much good from the SP so I would think you should be safe upgrading to the Toneport.

The Toneport is an interface which will bypass your stock sound card and it does work with Amplitube as I've tried it once before with my Toneport UX1.

I don't think you'll have the same problem as the SP but I've never heard that one before.
just be sure to properly install the drivers for the toneport then plug your hardware (interface) into the USB port on your PC. After that it should set the input and output to the toneport but if it doesn't go into the sound settings on your computers control panel and set the inputs/outputs there.

The Toneport's are a budget 1.1 USB interface with hit or miss drivers if you ask me as me and another member here have already run into the "Blue Screen of Death" while using these interfaces. I'm sure it works for most people but I wont be getting another for myself.
Either way, I'm sure it will work for you so I say go for it and give it a try.
Another one is the M-Audio Fast Track USB.
You're lucky to have sold the Stealthplug in the first place. I wouldn't worry too much about compatibility, the Stealthplugs just don't work at all.
Line 6 makes some good stuff, I would recommend it. As long as you don't buy an amp from them... :P
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