I am in desperate need of a new amp. I've been playing guitar for a couple of years, though only electric for the past year or so and I'm losing my inspiration because my amp is utter sh*te. Currently I'm using a Line6 POD either through the clean channel of my little 15w Marshall or through earphones via a Boss Digital Recorder. I really like the treadplate setting on the POD which is supposedly a modelling of a Mesa Boogie, so i'm looking for something in that vein, able to give me great high gain rock/metal tones but also providing me with a sweet clean channel. My budget will probably stretch to £500. This amp will not be gig'd so we're talking bedroom wattage.

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated
maybe a peavey classic 30? i don't know about cleans but i think that would give you the OD tones you want.
maybe you could look for a single channel amp like a Fender Blues Jr or Pro, a Valve junior(?) or some other I don't know of, and then use a good distortion infront of it. I dont know how that will work with yout budget but atleast check it out^^
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dont buy a good amp if your just planning on putting a distortion pedal in front of it, then theres no point. get a good od pedal to ocmbine with the amps existing distortion