so im looking into buying a used wah pedal (vox v847) from a friend and he thought it would be cool to remove the rubber grip that was on top. i thought the pedal was really good when i used it but having no rubber grip annnoyed me as my foot would occasionaly slip while i played......... in conclusion

does anyone know where i can buy like a sheet of the rubber grip material (im in the uk) and any good glue products i can use to attach the rubber to the metal top of the wah.

p.s posted here because i thought i would get the most helpful responses
use grip tape off a skateboard
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Out here we've got Clarks Rubber, which has basically everything you need rubberwise. I got a huge sheet of neoprene for the bottom of pedals for around $2.
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Go to an auto parts store and find something that's rubbery and gripy. Buy it, glue it to your pedal. Trim the excess. Voila.
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Hardware stores should have rubber as well. Maybe trying some 3-M spray adhesive would be good for the glue as well.