i have real trouble singing and playing at the same time, i can do it but i tend to completely loose the rhythm when strumming...anyone had the same problem?
fixable with practice? if so..whats a good way to practice?
with me it just came with experiance.
also i started playing very slowly and tried to work out which words go over each chords and then just practiced slowly
practice. you need to know the guitar part first... without having to think at all. once you can do this hard songs become easy to sing over.. but if you try songs you just learnt that have a hard rhythm it might take a while.

depends on the rhythm of the song some are really easy.

just keep practicing.
Hey Man,

I dunno about if your writting your own songs, but if your playing an old song, try playing and singing with the song playing on a cd player or somethin,
thats what helped me.

i know alot of songs inside out, im not sure if its just some sort of innate disability, i mean even simple stuff like queens of the stoneage - feel good hit of the summer, i find impossible, lol...tryed with alot of songs i could play with my feet i know them so well and still no luck, suppose ill just have to keep practicing :P.
Try punk songs.

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I do usually that i learn the guitar of the song so good that i can play it in sleep, next i learn vocals with out guitar than i combine them together
I too had your problem. My two cents says " Play the song slow as you can while sing the words to that speed. Each time your gonna wanna bump the tempo up a tad more each time. its very boring and frustrating but it will get you past this trouble. it helped me.