when you end up spending....lets say over $1200 on a guitar there really aren't any guitars that are explicitly bad.

Its just a matter of what kind of guitar you like, what kind of sound you want, how the thing feels in your hands....
i like dean guitars a lot. they have a performance acoustic guitar and a general one - which is just as good, really nice guitars. check them out

I do love the Gibson hummingbird.

but people have different tastes, and there's no 1 "best" out of them.
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Obviously there is no such thing as a best guitar, or you would have noticed all artists playing the same one. The best guitars are the ones with strings on them that you can actually play and sound like a guitar, producing the tones you want.
you need to include what type of music you want to play, whether you want an acoustic or an acoustic-electric, what kind of sound you are looking for, and how much money you want to spend.
if i were to choose 1 acoutic to rule them all. Gibson Hummingbird elec/acoustic hands down.
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