hey guys, most of the time i play this passage the 12th fret on the e string keeps sounding when i play the 12th fret on the b
what i wanna know is how you guys would play it, i kind my index finger on the 12th fret of the e and b strings, is that normal?

thx in advance
Fret the e and b strings with your index together on the 12th fret and ring finger goes on 15th fret e string and pull off
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oh i meant fast by the way, like 16th note speed. thanks for that though thats how i norm play it
Yeah you barre the two strings at 12 and have to 'roll' your index finger a tiny bit to lift the e string off the fret, muting it at the same time as it is still touching your finger.
Thats my best guess for ya

that and practice.
thanks a lot, i thought it felt a little silly doing the roll but i think its cuz my finger hurts, thanks again