anyone else listen to Freebeer and hotwings?
you should check it out. its one of my fav. shows on the radio.
wgrd.com and click listen now.. i think they're on until 10:30 my time.
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I thought you were offering free beer and hot wings

Me too....
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Lol my old driving instructor knew these guys and told me there story on one of our required drives. They started out and were pretty good but never played for many people because nobody knew about them. So they changed their name to free beer and hotwings. Then whenever they played a bar or anything the marquee would say like "tonight only, free beer and hotwings". They would pack huge bars full of people. After people realized it was a joke most people just had a big laugh about it and the band bought everyone a round. Usually the bar would actually pay for it because the band was raking in so many people every night.
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Ive started listing to them recently, i like the show where people call in and ask quesitons for the hosts to answer, I think it's called Stump the Show, put usually someone goes "Hey this is *insert name* how's it goin'?" and the hosts say "We're doing good, next!" then they proceed to making fun of the person who called in
dude i love that show. the first time i heard then was when producer joe had to wash down the sticks of butter with melted butter lmao. it was awesome lol
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