Amp modelling: Not very good
Effects: Decent

It's good if you just want a lot of effects but don't want to play a lot.

Edit: The fact you can record straight to computer is good tho.
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+1 to the above, the distortion/ODs/amp models are crap, they're fizzy and mostly unusable. The effects are okay, although the wah sucks.

Patch changing is really quick and it has a built in drum machine, tuner and USB for recording to PC.

Get it if you just want to play around with some effects and learn what different things do. If you're more serious about your tone you should maybe think about saving up for something like the Boss ME-50. Also, if you only want a couple of effects you might be better off with stompboxes.
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I just got this pedal today. I'm in a band and I'm a serious musician. If you know what tone you like, and have patience, you can customize your own patches/effects on the pedal. Yes, the factory-set tones suck, but I just replaced them with my own, and now it's the best piece of equipment in my arsenal.