Hey Guys

My name is Jon, im 15 and In Year 10 at school doing Music GCSE exams

I dont know if this is the right section of the Forum to post but hey,

We have to do a solo peice as part of our exam and Im a drummer, Ive decided to do fuel as it is Grade 7 out of 8 on Drums, I can play it all, But Im not allowed to drum along to a metronome or the Original Track

So I was wondering if any Guitarist here is kind enough to record the main and rhythm guitar line and even the Bass line if possible?

Would like to have the solo included because I go by the solo at that part of the song

And if you could do the "gimme fuel gimmie fire gimme that which I desire" at the beggining so I know when to start, or a 4 count, anything that gives me a heads up on when to start!

If you can do all of that please send the recording to Sk8inmadkid@hotmail.com

Cheers guys!

Metallica Fuel? Or the Band Fuel?
I got some good guitars, yo.