hi ive got my first electric guitar and was wondering if i could plug it into my computer to use as an amp.

If so could anyone point me to a programme that will allow me to plug the guitar in and start playing straight away.

btw i dont have enought money to buy an amp i was meant to get the guitar weeks ago now i dont have any money .

thanks in advance.
I'm not sure about this.. you'd need a cable though, which cost money
yea you can do it, but like he said, you have to have the converter cable. theyre only like 9 bucks

Do you have zero cash? If you have about £30 you can get a USB link that allows you to plug straight inthrough a USB port. Behringer do one in the UK, and it comes with amp modelling software, with some recording and other bits and pieces as well (can't remember exactly, but one of the guitar mags reviewed it here and, even though Behringer are very much a budget brand, it was well rated and worked well...

If you really have absolutely no money to spare, not sure what the answer is!!! Just don't do what I did when I first started playing - ran it through my stereo and blew it up...


yes i have no money but i have computer stuff that includes sound cables that fit into the guitar.
since collage ive had no money to spend on anything.
i use guitar rig 2 for mac.

i plug my guitar into my computer using an m-audio firewire 410 interface.
ive installed amplitube and used a standared sound cable with size converter thing in the end and it works fine.
i dident notice it was working at first becouse the volume was low and it sounded like the guitar.
you can plug the guitar into the microphone input of your computer. i do that sometimes too. if you have a good motherboard with good software and stuff, you might be able to change the tone and such stuff. =)
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i just found that out i was playing trying to change the distortion and noticing no difrence then i closed the programme but the guitar was still making noise.
so does anyone know how to change the guitar sound in windows?
i just want a more electric guitar sounding sound
try audacity. and when u have about $130, get a roland Micro Cube. Awesome little amps.
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try audacity. and when u have about $130, get a roland Micro Cube. Awesome little amps.

this got me thinking.............. as a beginner instead of changing amp every year cause u get better and better.. Why not just buy the freaking cable and program, it will last all your life right?.. Plus i have awesome speakers at home!!..

I was wondering how the quality of the sound is?
You are going to want a cheap audio interface.

Your guitar is going to sound like crap unless you have a sound card that is meant for guitars to be plugged into it.

The Line 6 Toneport GX is a good choice.
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