inspired by another thread..i was wanting to know if a speaker change would help my situation.

i am currently running a les paul copy through my big muff - wah - carvin bel air 212 and my sound can pretty much be described as.....LOWS!!!!...i was wondering if changing the speakers from vintage 30s to something else would solve my problem..or is my guitar to blame...i like my lows but i have so much on hand and i'd really like some more mids and alot more highs when i play my LP. and i read somewhere that big muffs and celestion speakers don't mix well so i wanted to ask about that too.

i'm wanting a Heavy\Stoner rock sound
you could look into getting Eminence Governors or Legends, warmer tone
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Getting new speakers could help, but an EQ pedal is what I would try first.

Eq pedals can do alot! Maybe even try another distortion, the big muff is big on the lows.
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Stoner rock is all about the lows man, you must have a really bassy sound if it's too basy for stoner rock!

Like was already said try a 10band EQ in your effects loop so you can cut out a bit of the bass frequencies and add some more mids and treble. Should work good, everyone needs a good EQ pedal I think.