Ok well here's my plan for the pedal board I'm going to make in the near future. This really is going to be a super compact Small pedalboard for all my real needs, (gigging, jamming with friends, band practice, etc). Well lemme jump right In with what pedals I'm going to have on it and the sizes and blah... blah... blah...

Pedals-Not in any order!

-Dunlop Crybaby:
- The Good old original Crybaby. Some of you may hate it but I love it

- Both of these are really nice Rotary pedals. True Bypass on both too :thu:. I was looking at a phaser pedal but more or less threw that out the window for the rotary, (since I'll use it way more than the phaser pedal).

-Boss Tuner TU-2:
- Well..... what else can I say? Next best thing to a Peterson Strobe

- or :
- These two I'm still debating between. For one they both sound great. The LPB-1 does have True Bypass though. But these two are the real ones I still have to decide upon. Both are really great clean boosting pedals regardless.

- This is just a really cool all around distortion pedal. Although it's a bit difficult to tweak in the beginning it sounds really great for my RHCP, Hendrix, Blues/Rock Stuff. True Bypass too .

- I've played this pedal a lot and I really love it. True Bypass . Right now I'm using a Boss Blues Driver BD-2 for an overdrive which I do really like but unfortunately right now I don't have the money for it. The OCD will replace my BD-2 as my Overdrive pedal.

Ok I think that's it for pedals. Now moving on to how I'm actually going to make this pedalboard. Now first off this is going to be a super compact, tight pedalboard, something I will love to use because it'll be easy to move and just small. Who doesn't want that? Also I'm not a huge pedal user just really a few of the basics for me, Tuner, Wah, Distortion, OD, Booster, (Rotary is really the only one that isn't needed.)

Here's my layout for the board. Basically I know that the pedal board is going to be just wide enough to fit my wah with some room for cables. So I'm going to go for an interior size of about 11"x??" Since the Wah pedal is 10" long.

The wah is going to be on the left side and then the next 2/3 of the board left are going to be split into 2 Rows. The Top row will be raised up about 2.5" so my powersupply and extra cable stuff can go underneath. Ontop will rest a few pedals such as my tuner Rotary pedal or whatever. Really just the pedals I won't need to be jumping to throughout a song. This solves my space problem concerning powering all the pedals.

Then on the lower level all the other pedals will be placed there. Velcro will be all across the ground on here so the Pedals will stick well and not move at all when transporting.

Then I'm going to get a sheet of particle board and cut out where the pedals will be in it. then I will simply lay it down and all the cables and powering cords will be hidden away out of view. Now on the top raised section there won't be particle board but I'll just drill holes so the cables can go down and out of site.

The way I'm looking at the pedalboard now it'll be about 16-18" long. This is a good width because It'll take some tricks but I'll really be able to cram pedals in there easily. Then, I'm going to build a case for the top which will be about 6-7" high, which seems kind of thick, but that is too fit that top layer of pedals. I'll take a case which is 3" thicker, rather than 5" longer. Then the top will clip into the base and then snap closed. Grab Handle and go.

O also I'm going to get something so you can plug an extension cord directly into the outside of the board, rather than run it up and into the boards precious space. Then Really all I'll have to do is plug in, tune, play

Well That's it for now I'll post pictures in the future showing my progress and such! Let me know what you think!!
sounds pretty good. I made an outlet thing like that on my pedalboard (where you just have to plug in an extention cord), but I don't use enough pedals to make good use of a pedalboard...

Do you already own most of the pedals listed, or are they just on your wishlist?
I know friends who have them, And I've tried them all out. I already ordered a RAT and still have to pick up a Rotary pedal and the booster

the fulltone ocd is later down the road for me to get, to replace my BD-2
Sounds like a great board and you know what you want. I would love to build something like this myself. But I would have dozens more pedals than that as I am a fanatic XD

Are you going to tolex the exterior, as that would be sweet

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Actually I've been looking into an even better idea. and cheaper

Heres what I may do

Get a 12x18" sheet of metal. Drill holes in the bottom at specific points. Then I'll cover the entire top with a sheet of velcro. Then cut small slits in the velcro and run cables down underneath the underside of the board. This will be at an angle and under the part which raises it at an angle I'm going to put the power supply stuff

Basically It'll be a slant, and under the thing which makes the board slanted I'll put the power strip and everything that powers
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I just built a pedal board about 2 weeks ago and I put a built in patchbay on it so I an easily insert and unplug rack effects, I based it off the pedal boards furman makes.