I'm buying the ibanez RGR1570 guitar, a boss ds-2 pedal but i'm noy sure about the amp
Which amp should i get?
It's the right equipment?
from personal experience i use a behringer gmx 212 and a ibanez rg370dxl with the bridge pickups and it gives a pretty close sound when im playing teen spirit
kurt c. wuz never really worried about having a specific sound or his equipment, he played watever crap he could get his hands on, and he just let the songs come from whatever, if u wanna get a nirvana sound u ought to get a fender, preferably a mustang, cause thats what he played and recorded with. he played alot of concerts with whatever strat he could get cause he trashed them at the end anyway. nirvana is about being yourself, you dont need anything specific, just get what you like and sounds good. i get a good nirvana sound using my gibson sg and randall 75 performer amp, i say just get whatever and work it out in the end.

*if your really that worried about it get a fender mustang, and find some used crap amp at a pawn shop, thats true nirvana
my strat can come very close to the sound when i use a heap of fuzz.
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