I seem to be in an unusual vein of emotion at the moment and lyrics and ideas just seem to flow from me. I wake up in the morning/middle-of-the-night with [what I think] are amzing hooks into lyrics. I tend to write them down and then expand them later in the day, but I then get stuck writing n-syllable lines, i.e. each line has to have the same number of syllables otherwise it doesn't flow. This leads it to sound like a poem rather than lyrics.

The rhyming I'm not doing too badly with (I think ). I'm only on my 3rd song, but two have been AABB style rhymes and the other is a ABCB (here). I may post my 3rd poem/lyrics later.

Anyway, initial feedback has been promising in terms of flow, but I guess that's because of my strict following of the number of syllables. Is it so bad to follow this method, or do I really need to force something different? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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It also depends on how you are planning to sing those lines in your melody.No method is bad to follow but you can try to use new things