My buddy Daniel (a drummer) is in a local band from MD called Chapter of Decay. They just had their first show on Monday and I'd like to hear what you guys think of em'! I think they're pretty good, and not just 'cause my friends in the band. Here's the vid:

to be honest, i dont really like that kind of music! but your friend Daniel really know how to play the drums. he's awsome
The music was overwhelming average and the band has the stage presence of watching paint dry.

I'm sorry, didn't hear the breakdown before posting:

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i thought it was pretty good the recording didnt sound to great but most camera recordings dont, try to post a better recording.
I gotta agree, it was average until the breakdown then it went downhill. Your bud (drummer) needs to get out of that band, he can do better.
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You made me pause a song from the Fearless soundtrack for that!! Jet Li must be spinning in his grave ):

On a serious note, they're not bad, about the same as any other band from my scene. The guitar solo was cool, but besides that, they don't have much going for them (not to imply they're rubbish, just nothing special, or anything I'd listen to that often).
honestly from what i can hear, they arent too bad, they just lack presence on stage mostly, the solo was really cool, but the rest was decent, im sure as they play more they will get better
Nothing but average plus a breakdown that was completely needless. And the second lot of sweeps in the solo were complete garbage as far as I could hear.
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the drummer is really awesome, music sucks, solo was ok and the screamo singer really sucks ass...
I agree that your friend really needs to get another band.
And i didnt even know it was posible but the drummer has the most stage presence...
it wasnt that bad, the only thing that wears on me is when the band doesnt move. The drummer and singer did all the movement. As much of a badass you might be onstage with a guitar, your suppose to entertain the audience.
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