Set thru neck which is nice to play on
Mahogany Body
Emg Pups (81 and 60 preferably)
6 string
25.5 scale, 24 frets
Floyd Rose Trem and Nut
Dark Colour but not plain...
Nice binding and inlays
Less than £800

Could anyone find me this guitar?
I could find you a $600 one with out the EMG's, you'd have to buy and install them seperate.
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Schecter Hellraiser, LTDs
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No!! Stop Now, Plugging More Than One Pedal In At A Time Could Be A Disaster.... Your Guitar Will Explode And Kill Your Band.

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thanks man

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I'd say it's a tie between the ESP MH-400, Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR, Jackson DKMG, and B.C. Rich Gunslinger Power. Which one to pick really comes down to personal preference, as the necks and overall looks are quite different between them.
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