school called at 5:30 in the morning sayin there's no school.

any ideas what to do on a friday snow day?
the game
If I had a snow day, I'd probably use the search bar.
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I get to go to work, granted its not snowing here and I'm not in school
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If I had a snow day, I'd probably use the search bar.

I'd actually look down about 5 threads to where there is a topic perfect for my situation..
Yeah man im staying home too. Play some Guitar, Shovel driveway, smoke some weed, play some Halo 3.
no snow day, but we got a buttload of freezing rain last night, so there's an inch of ice all over the roads...

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snowday means theres snow...? ehm, snowboard?
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Go shovel my driveway.
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i dont snowboard.

and yeah like the majority of illinois and wisconsin has snow days.
the game