Ok, so I've never had a real amp (no more than a 20 watt solid-state), but I plan to play some local shows pretty soon and am going to need an amp that will produce the volume.

I play stuff that's a little blend of styles. If I had to pick three bands closest to it, I'd probably say a mixture of The Strokes, Modest Mouse and The Vines. So I'm looking for a tone to fit the direction of the music.

I play a Schecter C-1 guitar, I guess, from what I've heard, tube's the way to go and then I can add pedals for most of the heavier distortion and effects later.

I have about $500-$600 dollarts to spend right now, but have no problem saving up for more. I really would like something very durable, so I don't have to worry about it everywhere I go, something really tough.

I hope that's enough information, and I really would apppreciate your help.

I'm not sure what you can get for that price but here are some cheaper tube amps:

Peavey Valve King
Orange Tiny Terror
Laney LC15
Laney VC15
Marshall DSL401 (if you're lucky)
Vox AC15 (again, if you're lucky)
buy used.
get a good tube amp for around that price
i got a 60 watt 212 for 450$
Peavey 5150
Fender Showmaster QBT
Digitech Digidelay