Hey everyone, I've been clearing out a lot of old stuff and came across some things which someone else might have use for. First up is an Ibanez V70 acoustic. It's a good guitar, especially for the price. Could do with a string change, but that's the only negative point about it. Considering what it cost new (just short of £90 at the time) I was quite pleased with how it played and how it sounded.


Next up is an Acer Aspire computer. It's two or so years old, but it's still perfectly capable of doing stuff. Specs are:

Intel Celeron D 2.8GHz Processor
512Mb RAM
80Gb HDD

It also has a wireless network card installed and a multi-card reader, so you can plug cards from digital cameras, mobile phones, PSPs etc. into it.

Now, on to the part that may displease some - it doesn't have Windows installed. Instead, it has Ubuntu Studio (a form of Linux), however it's fairly easy to get used to and learn the basics and, unless you need a specific program that only runs on Windows, you can find equal alternatives. If you have your own Windows XP disc, though, you can install that legally because I still have a valid serial key for it, on a sticker on the side. If really necessary, I can attempt to get hold of a Windows disc and do this for you, but it will be tricky, since the people who would have one are all away at university. Still, I'm sure I could figure something out. Here's a screenshot for anyone who wants to know what it's like at the moment:


I don't have asking prices for either. I'm not looking for much, but please make sensible offers. You're not having either of them for a penny

Also note that I don't have a box or case for the acoustic. I might be able to get one, but at the moment they only way to get it is to collect it. I wouldn't feel safe sending it without adequate protection.

I'll get some pics up tomorrow.