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its a dell optiplex gx280

did i mention that that groups camera was stolen? (school property)

Quote by jetfuel495
its a dell optiplex gx280

I KNEW it was going to be an Optiplex GX series...

If the GFX card is gone, that may be causing the problem, open up the chassis (there are clips on both sides at the back) and take out the CMOS battery (it's round, about the same size as a 10p), count to 10, and put it back in again.

If that doesn't fix it, I guarantee that the capacitors on the motherboard have gone. You can check this, just see if any of them have got a slight lump to the top of them, instead of being flat.

Unfortunately, the extended warrantee(sp?) on these motherboards ran out, well, today. So yeah, screwed.

Best advice, take out the HDD and put it in a working GX280. Only problem you might have there is folder permissions...

Hope this helps!
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^ saphrax knows what hes talkin about. thanks, man, well try these things

if it doesnt work though, well be back.

That's because Saphrax works in IT, doing tech support for a network comprised of over 100 computers. Of which most are........... Dell GX260/270/280's.
then how are u typing this...?

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Lawls, updates on the matter.
I am one of the kids in the group. We found the camera, and we're not totally screwed. Now we just have to re-edit our footage on the tapes...
So it's not a complete loss.
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