I really can't sing, but tell me what you think!!


Click on Feeling has passed away..., here's the lyrics:

Feeling Has Passed Away…

Buried beneath the failures of humanity
We search for a light but this darkness is all we see

I watched 5,000 days pass me by
Waiting for the world to change but still in this life

Hope has lost its touch
For this world is nothing much

Sorrow has come today
Feeling has passed away
Sleeping Beauty what will you say?
We have truly found no way

Lost, out step of nature


Lost, out step of nature
not trying to be mean, but in all honesty u shouldn't sing, stick to guitar bro
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You're singing does need a little work but don't give it up. It's really not that bad. You just need to practice some. Keep recording vocals even if you don't intend to upload them. It will help you get better and hear what you're doing wrong. Sing in the shower, sing along with your favorite songs, etc. You don't need vocal lessons to learn to sing (but they do help).

Other than that, it's not really my style, all I can say is the guitar work was good.
I did enjoy the singing, it wasn't that bad at all, although you should move up from that whispering quiet, if you feel capable.

The song itself was very nice, I liked the entire atmosphere of the song. At some points it felt a bit drab, but nothing serious. Also, the guitar seems a little restrained, but I also own the Digitech Grunge and know that it can be hard to find that exact balance in tone and clearity. Overall, it was nice.

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Some of the riffs are really good. The singing isn't crash hot, but it's nowhere near the worst I've heard. You're just occasionally sharp. The melodies weren't bad, either. You just need to put more in your voice.

The best parts of the song for me were the slow bits in the middle and at the end, but the rest of the song, at least musically, was quite enjoyable. The guitar was really muddy, though.

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Your guitar playing is really great man.

The singing isnt really ccmment worthy imo. The recording is all weird. The music sounds like its spiking BADLY and your vocals are loud enough but your singing so softly it doesnt jive. I would love to hear it recorded again. Oh yeah it sounds like your vocs were just a wee bit off at the beginning of each section.

haha I guess I commented anyways.