i have been searching for a new guitar now for a few months and have seen bothe the dimebolt and the dean from hell but i have never really considerd buying them because i was more interseted in the razorback.

could u please tell me in your opinion or experiance on what guitar is better the dimebolt or the dean from hell.

if you think that none of them are good then could you tell me a suggestion for a guitar that would suit me, i like the ml razorback style as well as the new ibanez xiphos/jackson warrior styles, i have to have a floyd rose or that type of bridge on it, a fast neck and humbuckers with a heavy metal/ very good rhythm sound.
You could make the generalization that the Washburn Dime guitars are decent and the Dean ones suck ass, and you wouldn't be too far off the mark.
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I have the Dean from Hell and I personally love it. I would choose that over the razorbacks since it has better pick-ups. I don't lnow much about the dimebolt other then that it is rare to find now days.
Out of those two, the Washburn is a better choice. The Dean is so overrated and overpriced.
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I've always liked Dean a lot better than Washburn. I'd say go with the Dean.
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Washburns IMO are higher quality. I had one and several things about it made me prefer to the Deans I tried: ONE PIECE Mahogany body, better Floyd Rose, better (tighter) construction and finish quality. That said, it was also heavier than the deans and came in weighing damn close to 18 pounds, so keep that in mind.