so im in a metal band and im trying to write music but i dont know what to do. should i use a scale such has the harmonic minor and use that to write my lead parts in a certain key? im not talking about solos. i mean using it to write the verse and chorus parts of a song. is it possible to write music and not have it using a certain key or scale and still have it sound good? do bands like machine head use scales to write their music.
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its quite hard to explain really, but ultimately you should play what sounds GOOD
scales and such are a good guideline to follow on what sounds nice, yes the minor scale is a good place to start, it gets a bit restrictive later on but perhaps if your just starting out try writing a piece or 2 using notes and chords from the minor scale.

machine head use scales to some extent, but like many bands its a guideline, they are changing keys, using chromatics, and using eviler sounding things like phrygian and locrian at sometimes to make their sound.
There are a lot of ways to write songs. I'll just go through a few and you can experiment.

1) Just play around with some chords and notes until you hit something you like. Then figure out if that's the verse or the chorus. Then start figuring out what scales work with that riff. Then write your Chorus/verse/solo in that key. This one usually works best if you alreayd have lyrics form your vocalist. Just have them sing their favorite part of the song and try and improve a cool guitar part under them, when you both like it, work from there.

2) Start with the scale/ key, and just work your way through. Mosts songs go A(1) B A(2) B C A(1/3) B
Where A is the Verse, B is the Chorus, and C is the Solo. I don't really care for this method, but if you don't have any lyrics or such, then it can work pretty well. Then you can write lyrics that rhythmically match what you wrote. I don't personally care for this format, but you might.

3) My favorite way is to just go through that colleciton of "cool riffs" I always seem to have laying around (you know the stuff you play while the rest oft he band is setting up, screwing around, getting a drink, tuning, whatever) and try to figure out which of those are in the same key. If you also have some lyrics you like, sometimes you can add those in (I usually write lyrics after I finish with the music though, that's just a matter of personal preference though.) But sometimes you'll have been playing two really sweet random riffs in the same key without realizing it, and when you put them together, wham! finished song, sans solo. And you metal guys are always ready to bust out a solo, right?

Anyway, I hope that helps a bit. Now I have to go yell at my band mates to make UG accounts. Also, work.
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