I was talking to my friend the other day and he is a pretty big racist. He was asking me if there were any racist/white power metal bands. I said that I knew there were some punk bands that are white power, but none in the metal genre. So, I was wondering if there are any, and if so, what is your opinion on the whole matter.
tell your friend to go f uck himself
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NSBM black metal would do him nicely, but i dont know about racist power metal bands. Most of them are white people though, would he like that?
EDIT: Yeah, why are you friends with a racist?
I have a "friend" like that. I hate him, and everybody hates him
Kick his ass
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i heard hatebreed are racist. im not a fan of them myself so cant say they defiantly are, but i heard they are
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NSBM black metal would do him nicely, but i dont know about racist power metal bands.

I think you should read what he said again.

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My friend from Oklahoma moved up here about a year ago & he was very racist, and over this year he's admitted that he's 95% less racist because of me & a few friends. No recs sorry lol.
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uh not power metal but Arghoslent haha =\... though I dont think theyre as great as everyone says... some riffs sound like happy mofos wandering across a little praire... its like WTF?