Poll: Jackson pre-fender or Post-fender acquisition?
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Hey guys I searched the hell out of this thread and I didn't find anything, so I guess I'll start it off! Are there any major differences between Jacksons made before the Fender acquisition and after?
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not sure but alot of people I know rant about the quality of Jacksons pre-fender were so much better in comparison to what they were.
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My RR3 is pre Fender, its much better quality than my mates post Fender, but his has better pickups.
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Fender bought them out in 2002. Fender then not only put better trems on the guitars, they moved the X series to Japan, put higher end pickups on them, and has begun to bring up the QC of the custom shop. Akai bought them and threw their high successful existing lines out the window, and started using cheap hardware, pickups, materials (MOTO, not MOP) and overall lowered build quality. They also ran the custom shop into the ground by under funding it and supplying out dated equipment. Because of this now, the current CS QC is a bit spotty, but they are improving it. The best years will always be the JCMI years, but those are long past (1997 is when Akai bought them out).

EDIT: On an end note, Pre Fender in the way its used is a ****ty marketing tactic on ebay, and you would have to be truly ignorant to buy into it.