Well, here's my situation...

I got this for christmas, and I loved it. All the features were great, but after about 3 weeks, the tuner button broke. It didn't fall off... it just failed to work anymore. So I was like, ok, I'll call them and let them know and hopefully they'd fix it for me. Then a week later, the down button fails and now I'm really getting mad.

I then find out the circuitboard inside is held on by glue. So it's bound to break again if I have it fixed.

So I'm gonna get it all back in the box and take it to guitar center. Now what I need to decide is whether I should just have them fix it/get a new one, or get a different pedal.

What should I do?
buy the boss gt 8 its made by boss so it should be like a tank and is very similar to the pod
I know now what I knew then, but I didn't know then what I know now