The 335 has a different neck. The 335 has the classic Gibson shape neck with three tuners on each side. This one has the six tuners on one side.

The body DOES look like an ES335 with a Bigsby but then again I've never seen a guitar's neck being changed only for the hell of it. You don't mod a guitar unless it sounds better.
whatever model it is isnt sold anymore, but the body def looks like a 335.

i believe he played sheratons and supernovas, though it doesnt look exactly like them either. Im going with 335 with a different neck, maybe custom made.
That looks super similar to the DG-335 the new Dave Grohl sig.
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it's trini lopez' signature 335
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That's it. Thanks !

That's exactly it. I've seen some pictures of the DG-335 and compared them with the concert and it's precisely what it is.

Shame i'll never be able to find one.

EDIT : He actually modded it, adding a Bigsby. He always does that one his guitars. He did that on the ES335's he owns too.
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it's trini lopez' signature 335

Precisely. Thanks !